Why bet on solar energy?

Have your energy bills under control

Electricity bills won’t scare you anymore. Solar panels on your roof mean assurance and predictability of bills for years to come.

Relieve your wallet

Solar panels, even unsubsidized ones, are already today able to produce energy with lower costs than the market price of energy from traditional suppliers.

Save the environment

Up to 100 % of CO2 emissions is saved when producing solar energy as compared to coal and diesel combustion. You’ll lift a major burden off planet Earth.

Enjoy energy independence

Sun provides us with an unlimited and reliable source of energy. Why not use it? Let the sunshine power your business.

Solar island hybrid/off-grid solution

100 percent green island is a concept designed for remote resorts, hotels, buildings, businesses, municipalities and whole islands. In cooperation with Tesla Energy, Sungrow, BYD, Batterybox, CellCube and Samsung SDI we bring you a sustainable clean energy solution which pays off.

Do you run a resort in a sunny destination? Are you tired of diesel generators and the headaches they cause – high energy bills, noise and pollution? Are your guests questioning your environmental responsibility?

Get in touch with us! We will send you a free initial offer of the vision and possibilities of a 100% green energy island or hybrid solution for your energy needs.

How does it work?

After analyzing your property based on maps and provided information, we’ll draft a proposal and suggest a visit of our team of professional engineers on the site to further inspect exact electricity needs and the right mix of solar, battery and e-mobility installations. You’ll receive a feasibility study of a complex tailored green energy system.

Free initial offer

Feasibility study

Trial operation

Personal visit & site audit

Project realisation


You will be amazed by the high-end green energy solutions such as SmartFlower - a solar powered sunflower producing clean energy from the sun while charging electric cars, bikes, boats and even surf boards.

The solar system placed on the roof will provide electricity for your resort's needs from cooling and heating to lighting, while at the same time will store energy in batteries to continue running on at night.

While your 100% green operations will be visible on their own, your visitors will be further educated by how environmentally sustainable you are by showcasing green operations on your web and on LCD screens in your hotel lobby. The information presented will include how much CO2 has been cut down on and how many trees have been saved.

How about financing?

100 % Green concept lets you opt for financing tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll enable you to make use of solar power without loans or a high upfront investment. Don’t pay any installation cost, just your consumed energy.

We’re bringing you a simple yet modern way of financing your solar system in terms of a solar power plant rental. It’s a smart solution, which lets you have your utility cost lower since the very first day. Such model has become popular in Germany, Austria, even the United States. You can choose one of the basic models:

Direct paymentRental
Down paymentIn full10 %
System ownerYou100PercentGreenEnergy
Warranty and Maintenance
Monthly instalmentNoneFixed monthly instalment
DurationNoneDepending on a project

Why work with us?


We’ll take care of the whole solution from installation all the way to setting up the system, all without unnecessary bureaucracy. You can enjoy our all-inclusive service and concentrate your efforts on your own business.


You can choose a financing option to match your needs. You don’t need any down payment neither any loans.


The 100 % Green Energy concept means we arrange a solar system optimized for a full usage and battery storage of your own produced solar electricity, as well as supplies of electricity from 100% renewable sources from the grid.

Added value for your customers, partners and visitors

Whichever type of building you manage, be it a hotel, an office building, a family company, a factory, a school, a hospital or any other public building, your visitors will appreciate your social responsibility and a considerate behavior towards the Earth. The option to charge their electric cars right in front of the building thanks to Smartflower is just an added bonus for them.

About us

Our vision is to enable anyone obtain green energy straight from the Sun, be it through their own roof or a façade night and day. We also take pride in providing a 100% green energy from the grid in a highly efficient and affordable way. We bring to you a modern and simple way to lower costs while being considerate to the environment. In the 100 % green energy concept we offer the option to choose financing based on client’s needs. Thanks to that, solar energy and 100 % green electricity are an affordable solution within everybody’s reach. 100 % Green Energy is a 100 % solution with 0 % compromise.

Our references

We cooperate with:

Skanska, Crestyl, Cushman&Wakefield, River Diamond

Technology suppliers:

Mynanosun.com, Jasolar, Longi, Trina, Canadian Solar Inc., Solar Edge, Sungrow, Huawei, Sonnen, Tesla Energy, Cell Cube, Sungrow, Samsung SDI, Batterybox